Monday, March 10, 2008

New ISO standard for IT disaster recovery published

A new ISO International Standard which focuses on IT continuity is now available. ‘ISO/IEC 24762:2008, Information technology – Security techniques – Guidelines for information and communications technology disaster recovery services’ aims to ‘offer guidance on the information and communications technologies and services necessary for disaster recovery as part of business continuity management’.

According to ISO/IEC 24762:2008, business continuity management is an integral part of any holistic risk management process and involves:* Identifying potential threats that may cause adverse impacts on an organization’s business operations, and associated risks * Providing a framework for building resilience for business operations * Providing capabilities, facilities, processes, action task lists, etc., for effective responses to disasters and failures.

With this new standard, organizations will be able to build resilience into their information and communications technology infrastructure critical to their key business activities. This will complement their business continuity management and information security management initiatives.


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