Saturday, October 11, 2008

Affinion Group Receives ISO Certification

The Affinion Group, a global leader in affinity marketing, has been awarded the esteemed ISO 27001 certification, the highest international standard for information security management in the world.

The group was lauded for their high information security practices and policies. Due to the global affinity marketing firm’s dedication to shield its clients from identity theft and scammers, the Affinion Group is the only company in the industry and one of the 50 companies in the United States that was given the prestigious ISO 27001 Certification. Only 4,100 companies all over the world hold the same recognition.

Apart from the Affinion Group, other U.S. organizations that share the same commendation are Sun Microsystems, Bechtel Corp., Reuters America, The World Bank, Citigroup Technology, and Xerox Corp. among others.

The ISO Certification establishes Affinion’s longstanding commitment in seeking innovations that would further improve information security and reduce the incidences of identity theft and scams in their industry. Robert G. Rooney, Vice-President of the Affinion Group, stated the company strives to “raise the bar for the practices in our industry.”

An ISO certification indicates that a company has put into practice an information security management system that surpasses even the strictest security standards on a global scale.

The following are several factors that contributed to Affinion’s ISO Certification:

  • Implementation of best practice across all information security domains;
  • Putting up of a strong security outline that entails operation, monitoring, review, maintenance and development;
  • Systematic management of incidents with clear and timely escalation paths.

With its ISO certification, the Affinion Group has a strong foundation from where they could base their information security framework for 2008.

Operating for 35 years, the Affinion Group continues to enhance the value of its partners’ customer relationships by strengthening and marketing valuable loyalty, membership, checking account, insurance and other compelling products and services.

View the source press release from the Affinion Group.

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